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Cody Rauh is a 2D/3D Artist with 13+ years of experience in game art and virtual worlds. He has worked as both primary contractor and subcontractor to clients such as Department of Defense (DoD), University of Venice, memorial & St. Leo's University, DeMolay International, Pearson Learning Company, El Paso Corporation, and Business Laboratory.
He has also worked on indie titles such as Riftsino, Fortify, Frontiers, Heroic, Tale of Two Kings, and Dunk Punks.

Since 2005 his work has been used by over 100,000+  virtual world content creators, online game developers, and mobile app designers across the globe. Selling digital content via micro-transactions. Establishing five brands inside Second Life ( [OMFG], F.E. Energy, LIFE, Dust and #Retro) he has developed over 750 virtual assets, creating over 250K USD$ worth of original IP since 2007.

Cody's experience includes the following platforms Second Life, Cloud Party & Unity 3D. He specializes in weapons, props, and level assets.

He now spends most of his time creating the Frontier Planet @ and is currently going to school at Full Sail University for a Bachelor's in Game Art.