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Ernie Loiselle ( DeMolay International ) - Cody's coordination with the artwork and scripting teams provided a ccontent-richenvironment that is without a doubt the most visited area in the virtual world. His interaction with the client user population is incredible, both adult and youth users get the same attention in explanations and demonstration.

Jeff Lande ( Riftsino ) - I hired Cody to produce a game level and various art assets for my indie Oculus Rift game and was very pleased with the result. He is very easy to work with and went above and beyond to make sure every detail of my project was perfect. He produces amazing work and will really care about your project as if it were his own which is rare to find. Don't hesitate and work with him today!

Fredrick Burton ( Paladin Trilogy ) - Strong recommendation. Cody produced a small interior area for our tech demo in an unreasonably tight time frame with an exceptional cost/value. But the most impressive part of the arrangement was Cody's outstanding communications skills. Not only were updates and information shared on a frequent basis, Cody was the initiator of this communication. This initiative and drive to produce work up to our expectation made working with Cody a pleasure. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Cody again in the future.

Jon Brouchoud ( Arch Virtual ) - Cody did a great job developing 3D assets for our project, and I would definitely hire him again!

Ariella Furman ( CEO @ Wing Ma'am ) - Cody is a prized talent in the content creation world of Second Life. He can outbuild his competition, hands down. He always delivers results on-time and exceeds expectations. He has a true artist's eye and adds a personal touch to his builds, which really makes his work stand out.

Nancy Kasen ( Recruiter Acentia ) - Cody is an incredible talent, a virtual virtuoso of prims, and a delightful person all-around to work with. His projects always come in on time and with more beauty than I had imagined at the outset. On every project that I've had the pleasure of working with him, he shows patience and diligence. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.

Alexander Casassovici ( Diveboard ) - Cody is an excellent 3D Artist with a great capacity to understand and implements his customer's needs. He is dedicated to the projects he handles and his unique style give a rare touch to his work.